Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brand new Kreativ Smile!!!

Hey guys,
Well here's the update. I came home last Friday night from Kreativ Dental after getting my treatment finished. I had all my porcelain crowns made and fitted to my dental implants. I am over the moon with the results. It is so good to bite down on food and not have my teeth flopping around the place and I now have a full set of pearly whites too. I cannot stop smiling. It really does feel like a big confidence boost. I could never have afforded this at home in Ireland. A big massive thank you to all the staff in the clinic and to Thomas Dunleavy the Irish agent who was there every step of the way when and if I needed him. I would tell anyone thinking of getting dental treatment abroad that it is 100% worth it and Kreativ are for sure the way to go!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New teeth are on the way!!! :)

So only a few weeks to go before I head back over to Kreativ Dental to finish my treatment and get my crowns made and fitted to my dental implants. I dont even know I have them in my mouth anymore. Just booked flights for 3 weeks time and have two of my friends coming with me for a few days to keep me company and do a bit of sight seeing. I'll post again in a few weeks when my porcelain crowns are finished

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Two months in

Well its now two months into my healing period and I can say I wouldn't even notice I have the Dental Implants in. The temporary denture I have in is fairly comfortable even though I cant wait to have my crowns fitted in three months time. I already feel more confident with the dentures I have at the moment so i can only imagine how confident I will feel when the work is complete and I have my crowns fitted! Why did I wait so long to get this done I don't know! :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dental Implants Budapest Stage 1

So here we are folks. I am 4 days in Budapest visiting Kreativ Dental getting my Dental Implants fitted. Let me tell you I was nervous to say the least but to my surprise little or no pain was experienced. I had slight discomfort on the evening my dental implants were placed but I was given some pain relief to take home which I only had to take once. Not surprisingly the whole experience in Kreativ Dental on this trip was just as good as the first. Treated so well since stepping off the plane. I had enough spare time to go exploring the city in my few days here which was great! What a beautiful city, cost me nothing to get around as the clinic gave me a free travel pass, the food and drinks are very reasonable too. I am not going to go on like i did in the last post. I will update again in a few days after coming home and my Dental Implants have settled in. Not due to go back now for 5 months to get my crowns fitted. Next time I come back I am going to get some friends to come too and make a proper holiday out of it!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My First Visit ( The Fear )

Like many Irish people I am one of the unlucky ones who didn't look after my teeth too well. Mostly because of the fear of the dentists chair and the high costs of dentistry here in Ireland. I have lost a good lot of my teeth and no doubt I will probably loose more. This has effected me greatly with my confidence, I cover my mouth when smiling, I back away from people when I talk to them because Im worried my breath might smell or they will see the state of my teeth which half are dentures and old ones at that! I was sick of them falling out or rattling around in my mouth. Enough was enough so I visited a clinic here in Ireland for a consultation. They gave me a list of treatment I could get done. Some extractions, Dental Implants and crowns. The cost was pure crazy! I would be able to buy a brand new car with that money!
I started to look into going to another country for treatment as it is well known Dental Treatment in other countries is much much cheaper. I asked around a few friends and it seemed Hungary was the place to go. It seemed to have a really good reputation and supposed to be the leading country in Dentistry. I asked around and searched the web a lot doing lots of research. I contacted a few clinics in Budapest and one clinic kept being mentioned everywhere I went, Kreativ Dental . They had lots of great reviews, lots of Irish had been here and they specialized in Dental Implants. The website had so much info, the clinic looked state of the art and they have an Irish guy (Thomas) working here in Ireland to deal with Irish patients. After many calls with Thomas and lots of discussions I was convinced Kreativ Dental was the clinic I wanted to go with for my Dental Implants. All  I had to do was book my flights and Thomas took care of the rest. He organised my transfers from airport, my hotel and my dental consultation in the clinic. They did a really good consultation package and even have a desk at the airport so when you arrive you go straight to the desk in arrivals and this lovely lady shows you to your driver. I decided to just go for the one night for the consultation and come home again the following day where I would think about or weigh up what I was going to do.
Well was I impressed, arrived at the airport, was given a free travel pass and my appointment time in the clinic then was brought to my driver who took my bags and carried them out to the car and even opened the door for me. I thought it was a nice touch( can’t remember last time a taxi in ireland did that ). I went straight to the clinic which took about 20 mins. When I got there it looked even better than what I had seen on the internet. State of the art was an understatement. The waiting room was so comfortable, touch screens on each seat where you could look stuff up on the internet and these really big fish tanks. All the staff spoke fluent english as Thomas had assured me. I was brought in for a full mouth x-ray and then brought into see the dentist (christian). A very friendly man whom I felt at ease with straight away. He discussed everything at legnth about getting dental implants, the difference between crowns, what I would expect and so on and gave me a plan telling me how many time I would have to visit Kreativ Dental, how long each visit would be and how long of a break between each visit. I would have to make 2 visits 5 months apart to get my treatment.

I was then met by an english guy called Tom who brought me into a private room and ran through all of my options, answered any of my concerns and discussed my treatment plan in great detail. Everything was happening as described on the website. To my delight my Dental Implants was going to cost over half the price of what I had been told in Ireland. I was so impressed by what I had seen here in the clinic. It was decided I was for sure going ahead with treatment. Later that day I went to my hotel which was only 5 mins walk from the clinic. It was a 3 star standard hotel. The staff were friendly and all spoke english too. My room was very clean and looked as if it had been recently done up. Air con, wifi and the food was not too bad either. I ventured out after settling in the hotel. I used my travel pass to grab a bus and the underground into the city centre. Wow what a beautiful city. As I was flying out again early the next day I didn't have much time to look around but couldn't wait to come back and explore what Budapest had to offer.

The next morning I was collected from my hotel by the driver and brought to the airport to catch my flight home. A couple of days after my return Thomas (the Irish rep) contacted me to see how it all went and was there to answer any questions or concerns I had. We then looked at dates for me to return to start my treatment. He was very helpful and I can only say the service provided by Kreativ Dental was nothing but top class. Where in Ireland would we receive such service from a dental clinic.

I have now booked to fly back on Sunday night for the start of my treatment and I actually cant wait to go back and get my Dental Implants. So far I would surely recommend Kreativ Dental. Sorry this first post was so long. I will update again next week when I am over there and promise the next entry will be much shorter.